Summer Writing – #SoATW & #Chiwords

This week I started a new job: Unpaid Chauffeur to the Teens. Skills involve
logging an insane number of driving hours and recieving innumerable texts that read “Mom, pick me up.” My older one, a PG Wodehouse fanboy, follows each of these texts up with recurring instances of “Mother?” until I actually pull up in front of him, desperately trying to remind myself how I usually love his dry humor.

So, yes, summer is here and word counts now have mile counts, weed-pulling counts, sandwiches-slapped-together-at-odd-hours counts to fight with. And I for one am losing the word count war.

My assumption is that a lot of you are living a variation on this theme. So, when my RWA chapters, Windy City RWA and Chicago-North RWA, decided to sponsor a summer writing event #Chiwords, I jumped on it with both feet much like I
dream of jumping into lake Michigan at some point this summer- eyes squeezed shut, nose pinched, knees to chest. Essentially, all enthusiasm, very little grace. Because really sometimes when the words don’t come you need that little push.

And I’m hoping to pull a few of you in with me even as a few of you drag me along.

Essentially, this is what is involved:

Every Friday from 9-10 pm, we’ll have a 1k/1hr challenge. Check in any time from
8:45 – 9 pm by Tweeting @chicagonorthrwa   and using the hashtag #chiwords,and then hang out from 10 – 10:15 to report on how you did. These Friday events will be sponsored by our authors, so everyone who checks in will be entered to win a prize from that sponsor.

In addition, every weekend, we will check in at 9 am Saturday and check out at 9 pm Sunday (again, by sending a Tweet to @chicagonorthrwa   with the hashtag #chiwords) with reports on how many words you wrote, when you got the best work done, what helped inspire/motivate you that weekend. There will be prizes all summer long!

Today (6/20/2014) I’m giving away a copy of my book to one lucky participant, so be sure to stop by.

In the meantime here is the song that’s been playing on repeat on my iPod while I write my WIP.

The rough translation goes like this:

These days
This heart of mine
Has taken to telling me
It’s time to live a little
It’s time to dream a little
You do have the right
Go ahead fall in love

How colorless is your life
Couldn’t it use just a little color?
How stark is your loneliness
Couldn’t it use just a little something?

This heart of mine
Is telling me
Do something
Make the time
You do have the right
Go ahead fall in love

So find what inspires you, put it on an endless loop and jump in with me.

Then do it again next Friday with author sponsor J Leigh Bailey. 


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