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The Vibrant Years

“Bursting with humor, banter, and cringeworthy first dates, Sonali Dev’s The Vibrant Years is a joyful and fun read, but it’s also very much a timely tale about a group of underestimated women demanding respect and embracing their most authentic selves.” ―Mindy Kaling

Living on their own terms means being there for one another.

When sixty-five-year-old Bindu Desai inherits a million dollars, she’s astounded―and horrified. The windfall threatens to expose a shameful mistake from her youth. Desperate to keep the secret, Bindu quickly spends it on something unexpected: a condo in a posh retirement community in Florida.

The impulsive decision blindsides Bindu’s daughter-in-law, Aly. At forty-seven, Aly still shares a home with Bindu even after her divorce from Bindu’s son. But maybe this change is just the push Aly needs to fight for the segment she’s been promised for years at the news station where she works.

As Bindu and Aly navigate their new dynamic, Aly’s daughter, Cullie, is faced with losing the business that made her a tech-world star. The only way to save it is to deliver a new idea to her investors―and of course they want the half-baked dating app she pitched them in a panic. Problem is, Cullie has never been on a real date. Naturally, enlisting her single mother and grandmother to help her with the research is the answer.

From USA Today bestselling author Sonali Dev comes a heartfelt novel about three generations of hilarious, unconventional, ambitious women navigating bad dates, a spiteful HOA board, reemerging exes, and secrets that refuse to remain hidden. Join the Desai women on a shared journey of self-discovery as they dare to live their most vibrant lives.

“I would give this book five stars for the concept alone, but it’s Sonali Dev’s trademark character depth and beautiful writing that really make The Vibrant Years shine. A gorgeous story of evolving female relationships and how love, hilarity, and the bonds between three generations of women help them thrive in even the fiercest winds of change.” Christina Lauren, New York Times bestselling author of The Soulmate Equation

“Oh, what a glorious tangle of love, career, the past, and family is The Vibrant Years! Sonali Dev writes beautiful prose and complex, delightful characters in this story of rediscovery and girl power for three generations of the Desai women. A delicious treat.” Kristan Higgins, New York Times bestselling author

“A vivid and touching story of the relationships between three women who love each other and their quest to find each other’s soul mates. Funny, fast paced, and insightful, The Vibrant Years gracefully explores questions of meaning and hope and regret and most of all the love between women. A beautiful book!” Barbara O’Neal, bestselling author of This Place of Wonder

“I loved this story of three generations of women navigating life, love, and the patriarchy. Sonali Dev’s writing is lush and evocative, her characters vibrant with rage, humor, and wisdom.” Virginia Kantra, New York Times bestselling author of Meg & Jo and Beth & Amy

“An intergenerational tale of self-discovery and the relationships that matter most…A cozy cup of chai for the soul.” Kirkus Reviews

“Sonali Dev has done it again in this sparkling page-turner about the unbreakable bonds of women and the necessity of forging an authentic path. Three generations of women from one dynamic family band together to navigate each chapter of life proving that, with the right people by your side, they can all be vibrant years. Dev’s storytelling shines!” Kristy Woodson Harvey, New York Times bestselling author of The Wedding Veil