BEST (1)Advance Praise for A CHANGE OF HEART:

“Dev deftly navigates the complex themes of bereavement, motherhood, and how the culture of India exists in America. All the while, she swathes tough, fully realized characters in delicate prose and tackles tragedy with both grittiness and sensitivity. With richly rendered characters, heavy topics, and soulful writing, this is stunning all around.” – Booklist, STARRED Review

“Just as one heart leads to another—literally and metaphorically—in Dev’s seductive and complex story of love lost and then found, one layer of mystery leads to the next… Dev moves so expertly through the subtle layers of the tender love story that Nic and Jess—and even Jen—will hold a permanent place in readers’ hearts.” – Publisher’s Weekly, STARRED Review

“Dev masterfully probes Jess’ and Nikhil’s rawest emotions through her multilayered Rubik’s cube of a plot. Every time the reader thinks she has figured out the end of the novel, the story’s quick-paced narrative, which races back and forth from the U.S. to India, takes another hairpin turn, leaving the reader breathless. This is riveting, heart-pounding drama. A novelist at the height of her powers.” – Kirkus, STARRED Review

“A combination of steamy romance and crime thriller with an issue-driven plot…the triumph of love and hope over tragedy and despair provides an uplifting counterpoint to the dark heart of this work.” – Library Journal

“Dev walks straight into the fire, building her narrative on an unlikely foundation of wrenching grief, gender discrimination and sexual assault trauma, addressing each issue thoroughly and with incredible compassion. While the challenge of bringing together two people with utterly shattered souls and devastated lives feels insurmountable at first, Dev’s power to wrap the reader in her characters’ pain and then soothe it is nothing short of exhilarating. Nik and Jess’s eventual bond feels organic and gloriously regenerative. A Change of Heart cements this author’s standing as not only one of the best but also one of the bravest romance novelists working today.” – Shelf Awareness

It has only taken a few books for Dev to prove that she is an author on the fast track. Her ability to deliver richly layered and compelling stories filled with stunning emotional resonance is second to none. This newest novel explores the side effects of terrible grief as well as the hope that comes from building a new future. Utterly compelling and filled with wrenching emotion, this is one book readers will not soon forget!”– RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars TOP PICK


“Dev’s exquisitely written second novel seamlessly integrates the explosive tension of Ria and Vikram’s love story with the universal complications of family, identity, and feeling like an outsider, even in your own skin. The modern Indian-American setting offers a glimpse of a rich culture and enhances the book’s overt and subtle messages of love, compassion, hope, and common ground. A bright, beautiful gem.” – STARRED Kirkus Reviews (Best Books of 2015)

“Sonali Dev is a gifted writer who creates characters that capture the heart. The Bollywood Bride is raw and powerfully emotional, a story that made my heart both ache and hope. I can’t wait for Sonali’s next book.” – Nalini Singh, New York Times Bestseller

“For those who like substance with their steamy romance, this novel is both a sexy love story and an exploration of how a tormented young woman learns to overcome family turmoil and look forward to a future with the man she loves.” – Library Journal

“Proving she is a talent to be reckoned with, Dev delivers an emotionally powerful and poignant story of childhood friends whose burgeoning love is stymied by seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The stigma of mental illness and uncertainties of genetic predisposition have weighed terribly on Bollywood actress Ria Parkar. Dev does a remarkable job developing a unique and moving love story that is brimming with sentiment, sacrifice and hope. Truly unforgettable!”– RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars Top Pick

“A lush, emotional, vivid story about the power of first love told in a breathtaking, lyrical voice. Sonali Dev is one of a kind.” – Kristan HigginsNew York Times Bestseller

“An exquisite, romantic novel with haunting universal themes.” – NPR (Best Books of 2015)

“Heartrendingly beautiful. This book tackles mental illness, personal privacy versus celebrity ‘stalking,’ and family loyalties. The anguish of Ria and Vikram rolls palpably off the pages, and it is riveting. I devoured this book in one sitting.” – Fresh Fiction

“Dev’s second novel, following A Bollywood Affair (2014), proves that she is a rising talent. Dev’s prose captures the rich and unique beauty of Indian culture while telling a story that is complex, culturally accurate, and full of emotion.” – Booklist

The Bollywood Bride has it all: mystery, romance, and ghosts from the past that won’t be forgotten. Both Ria and Vikram are intriguingly flawed characters who will pull you in completely; they’re made for each other, and readers will race through this book to make sure they find the lost pieces of themselves in each other. It’s gorgeous, lush, and entirely consuming.” – Book Riot (Best Books of 2015)

“Dev deftly weaves themes of family and friendship into a beautiful romance, setting the story against a backdrop of a massive Indian American wedding, all while tackling issues of mental illness, family expectations and celebrity.” – Washington Post (Best Books of 2015)


“An impressive debut and a charming contemporary Indian fairytale… Vibrant and exuberantly romantic, Affair is chock full of details that reflect India’s social and cultural flux.” – (Best Books of 2014)

“Debut author Sonali Dev writes a beautiful love story in A Bollywood Affair. It’s all very romantic and made me smile and cry. One of the best romances I’ve read this year.” – USA Today

Dev’s heartfelt debut novel is rich in scenes and images illuminating Indian culture, leaving readers with a greater understanding and appreciation of Indian traditions while beautifully capturing the struggle between familial duty and self-discovery.” – Booklist

“This tasty Indian American confection will satisfy readers of any age who would enjoy a contemporary, transcontinental romance told with a light touch and lots of sizzle.” – Library Journal (Best Books of 2014)

“It is a true joy when a fresh new voice enters the genre, so make note of the name Sonali Dev! Based on this marvelous debut, Dev is set to become a star. Filled with warmth and completely unforgettable characters, this occasionally poignant story explores what happens when best laid plans go awry. An Absolute winner from begining to end, this spellbinding tale grabs your heart and never lets go!” – RT BookReviews (4.5 Star Top Pick, Seal of Excellence winner)

“Sonali Dev is a fresh new voice in romance. A child bride who’s all grown up, a sexy Bollywood director, and deeply-felt emotions that will keep readers turning the pages. A Bollywood Affair has it all.” – Susan Elizabeth Phillips,  New York Times Bestseller

“Deeply romantic and emotional, with characters I fell in love with, A Bollywood Affair is simply unputdownable. It’s sexy, it’s dramatic, but most of all, it’s a sweet, hot love story that made me sigh and smile and want to read it all over again as soon as I turned the last page.” – Nalini Singh, New York Times Bestseller

“A Bollywood Affair was one of the best books I’ve read this entire year. The characters are so richly drawn, the writing is utterly breathtaking. She has a voice like none other. I highly recommend you read this book. I’ve read it twice. And I never do that.” – Kristan Higgins, New York Times Bestseller 

“Sonali Dev’s A Bollywood Affair… just blew me away. The characters were so complex and compelling, and the emotions just ripped me apart. It was one of those books that had me racing through pages to get to the happy ending, but then forcing myself to slow down so I could savor every sublime page of Dev’s prose. I just loved it.” – Tessa DareNew York Times Bestseller 

“A delightful debut packed with complex characters, deep emotions and just the right touch of humor.  A tale of love, loss and second chances.”  —Shobhan Bantwal, author of The Dowry Bride

“In this enthralling tale of romantic complications Sonali Dev not only entertains but provides new insight into the human condition.  A must read.”  —Mingmei Yip, author of The Nine Fold Heaven

“As intricate as a henna tattoo and as sweet as gulab jamun, Sonali Dev’s debut novel takes its inspiration from the world of big Indian cinema…With a setup as far-fetched and irresistible as that of a classic Bollywood musical, this witty confection is sure to delight.” – Shelf Awareness

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  1. Very eagerly awaiting the release of your book.. I was wondering if your readers and fans can get a sneak peak, sort of a trailer :)!

    In any case all the best for a successful launch ..

  2. Thanks for popping into Kimberly Kincaid’s book day online party! I am glad to have gotten the chance to chat with you! Count on a purchased copy of your newest from me!!!

  3. What a wonderful story! Totally love Mili & Samir and a look into a piece of India’s culture. Eagerly looking forward to your next book, you have a wonderful way with words, very witty!!!

  4. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed A Bollywood Affair. It had everything I like in a romance-intrigue, character development, Indian food and humor. Thank you so much for writing it-I am sad it is over!

  5. I finished reading your book in one sitting, and well into the night, last night. Woke up this morning and reread my favourite bits during my commute to work. Needless to say, I loved this beautiful story..🙂 Mili and Samir and all the other characters that added to and built their story were so amazingly written. Your depiction of life in different cultures in a changing world was beautiful, and at the heart of it all, the romance between Mili and Samir was wonderfully warm and sweet. I can’t wait for your next book!

  6. I loved your book and could not keep it down with finishing it. It was almost like watching a movie. I could visualize each chapter. Please come up with part-2. 😊

  7. An enigmatic read.So different and refreshing from the usual American immigrant theme.
    I only wish there weren’t so many F___s and Sh____s.
    Samir’s character would have come through without these expletives.
    Will look out for the 2nd Book.
    Good Luck

  8. I am not Indian but I have been to India many times. I have visited Rajasthan and I am deeply familiar with the Indian culture. My husband is Indian. I fell in love with your book, your story and Samir and Milli. I didn’t put the book down from the minute I picked it up and I have re-read random parts of it many many times and I am still reading it. I can feel the depth of the emotions they feel, whether it is pain, love, lost or happiness. You have written one of the most touching stories I have ever read and you have written it beautifully. I wish they would make a movie of the book, even though I doubt it would come out as beautiful and real as the book. Thank you for this great experience.

  9. And yes please come up with part 2. I am dying to read more about Samir and Milli and their crazy love story.

  10. Absolutely romantic, filled with emotions I was able to relate with. All I did was smile, and at times Iaughed out loud. Loved reading every page, and could not put the book down. I am in love with Samir and Mili. Sonali, please write fast and get another book out, so I get lost in the pages again. 👍

  11. I totally loved A Bollywood Affair, took me back to the deserts of Rajasthan, as expansive and as deep. Cant wait to read your next and many more to come🙂 And oh yeah, one day i want to write like you do.

  12. I loved this book. Really could not put it down. The characters felt so real. And being an Indian, I felt no flaws in the story telling. Absolutely amazing romance. I will definitely be on the lookout for more of your books Ms. Dev. Pls don’t stop writing!

    • Thanks for the reviews! But I have to point out that the beta/beti distinction was totally wrong. I’ve lived in all parts of India and I’ve never actually heard anyone use the term “beti” other than Nirupama Roy style seventies film mothers. Beta is used generically for both boys and girls as a term of endearment — something akin to ‘child.’

      Also, no one from Delhi actually calls it “New Delhi” in conversation unless they want to differentiate a part of it from “Old Delhi”

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